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Diane Fettis Frederick, BA, CMC

Wichita, Kansas

Keystone, Your Geriatric Care Specialists

Welcome to our website! Keystone Support Services is an all inclusive geriatric care company, and we are honored that you have stopped by. At Keystone Support Services, we understand that finding answers to questions about our aging loved ones is very difficult. It is a time in our lives when our emotions are high, and changes can happen quickly. Keystone Support Services is devoted to guiding families through the many care options that are available, and providing Peace of Mind as the journey down a new road begins…

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. ~Johann Schiller
{} "Taking care of a loved one in need of care is a challenging but also rewarding job. No one brings more care, energy and empathy to this effort than Diane Frederick. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need for extended care."
-Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kansas City, KS {} "I was referred to Keystone Support Services after my mother suffered a stroke. Diane Frederick's extensive knowledge relating to Medicaid, home care, and local health care facilities gave me guidance and peace of mind at a time when I was completely overwhelmed. Having a caring professional in my corner was absolutely invaluable!"
-D. Heffel Wichita, KS {} Diane Frederick has made our life much easier in taking care of my wife's mother. She is not only an expert in her field, she is a wonderful person.
Steve and Janet Hatchett Wichita Kansas {} "Diane Frederick helped me with a caring spirit and empathy in researching nursing home options for my wife. Her concern for my best option and my wife's well-being were high-value factors in her help for me".
-Duane Smith. Wichita, KS {} We use Keystone as much as possible! Together we are able to support the client and/or family in all aspects of their lives, making their lives easier and less stressful!
-Carla Shepherd, owner Right At Home {}Diane has been a source for information we didn't know we needed, her knowledge and experience provide us confidence as we work thru this maize of regulations and options for my Mother. We cannot thank her enough for her guidance and understanding helping us thru the changes at this stage in our lives. Diane is a trusted friend to our entire family.
Jim & Susan Aenchbacher Trophy Club TX {} I called Diane Frederick at a very difficult time, needing help with my father. She responded immediately, setting up care for him. Diane was available anytime, the nurses were all very professional, and took great care of my father. Keystone Support Services and Diane Frederick gave us the Peace of mind we needed.
-Marilyn Waller Wichita, KS {} I can't say enough about Diane Frederick and Keystone Support Services! My brother and I both live out of state, and with Diane's kindness and guidance, we were able to keep our Mother in her home as long as possible. She always made herself available to our questions, no matter how small. Our family is grateful for the knowledge, professionalism, and compassion that Diane provided! She is the best!
-Juli Bottenberg Seattle, WA
The Art of Peace of Mind